Save As SVG Description

Latest Version:1.325

This doumentation is based on the latest version. Updates will be downloaded and installed when Save As SVG is run and will require a Fusion restart to activate.
View version history here.

How to Use

The Save As SVG add-in app is invoked from the context menu of a sketch object in the browser tree. When invoked a command prompt requesting the output file name and folder location is presented along with the following options.

Line Weight
thickness in pixels which is a floating point number allow very small to very large
expands with a list of Perimeter, Cutouts, Insets and Labels with selectable colors
Fill Faces
when selected the faces will be filled with their corresponing selected color

Any sketch loops directly inside the Perimeter sketch loop is consider a Inset loop. Sketch loops contained inside an Inset loop is considered an Cutout loop. Although this definition may not accurately describe the intent of the sketch loops it will aid in setting the desired colors for controlling toolpaths for laser or CNC control. For example Red may result in a cut-through for laser and other colors may result is less intense results.

The output svg file, by default, is scaled to match the sketch size in 96 ppi.  This default of 96 ppi is the modern universal scale used by all browsers and most applications. The option Scale 72 ppi is provided to support older applications specifically Adobe Illustrator.

This image is a view of Save As SVG being used with anotations.